Coffee: Global Traditions

Coffee is a universally consumed beverage.
However,  you were to travel across the globe you would quickly recognize that coffee is unique in that it is consumed in different ways. 
If you traveled to Ethiopia, the motherland of our beans, you might participate in a traditional Coffee ceremony, a ritualized form of making coffee with friends and family and drinking it.  Ethiopians tend to add butter, salt or even honey to add to their coffee delight. 
If you took a quick tour around the  Northern Scandinavian region of northern Europe, which includes, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, you may be suggested to add cheese into your coffee.  This tradition is known as kaffeost, which is Swedish for coffee cheese. 
If you take a quick detour to Ireland, you would be suggested to put a splash of whisky in your coffee. Who doesn't want some alcohol to spruce up their morning?  As the Irish would say, our Cawfee is QUARE.
In Vietnam, Cà phê trứng, also known as egg coffee in English is a traditionally consumed beverage consisting of egg yolks, sugar and coffee. 
Ditch your old milk and half and half coffee for a new experience!
Now that you have The Cawfee Shop in your own home, please use the traditions above to spruce up your coffee cup. 

Different Ways to Say Coffee
Coffee English
Cawfee New York Accent
ቡና Amharic
कॉफ़ी Hindi
кофе Russian 
café Spanish 
קפה (kafeh) Hebrew
cà phê Vietnamese
Kawa Polish
καφές Greek
кава Ukraine
Kaffee German

kavos Lithunanian
Kahve Turkish
kafee Somali
ਕਾਫੀ Punjabi
kopi Indonesia
caife Irish
кафу Serbian
커피 Korean
قهوه Persian
кафе Macedonian
ကော်ဖီ Burmese
cafea Romanian