About Us

The story of Cawfee Shop began in 2014 when 3 ambitious women--two from New York, one from Texas--met while attending university in Queens, New York. The trio bonded over cups of coffee in their dining hall and independent coffee shops across the city (meaning Manhattan if you're from New York, or meaning all 5 boroughs if you're an out-of-stater).
During these caffeinated conversations, their culture clash was undeniable. The New Yorkers felt coffee was more about the utility of keeping up with their fast-paced lifestyle but the Texan taught them to slow down and enjoy the ritual and experience of coffee. With Ethiopian roots just like coffee, she also could not believe what these New Yorkers accepted as coffee when she knew there was such richer coffee profiles out there! The culture swap didn't end there though! While the Texan opened the New Yorkers' eyes to how coffee should taste and be enjoyed, the New Yorkers taught her the most important aspect of coffee: how to actually say CAWFEE correctly!
Fast forward 6 years later, these independent, young women had to take their coffee shop chats online, which sparked the idea to bring the CAWFEE SHOP experience to everyone's home. Recreating the cozy appeal you can only get in a  local coffee shop with curated coffee related products along with the energizing quality that only comes with 100% pure Ethiopian coffee, the CAWFEE SHOP hopes to provide you with the comfort and love we found in coffee over the years.